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Lietuvos Nacionalinis Simfoninis Orkestras
Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra
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Philharmonia (hall)
Lietuvos Nacionalinis Operos ir Bareto Teatras Orkestras
Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra
li, en National Opera
Lietuvos Valstybinis Simfoninis Orkestras
Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Lietovos Nacionalinio Radijo ir Televizijos Orkestras
Lithuanian National Radio Orchestra
Kauno Valstybinio Muzikinio Teatro Orkestras
Kaunas State Munical Theatre Orchestra
Kaunas State Musical Theatre


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Latvijas Nationalais Simfoniskais Orkestris
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
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Latvian National Opera Orchestra la National Opera
Liepajas Simfoniiskais Orkestris
Liepaja Symphony Orchestra
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Eesti Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
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Rahvusooper "Estonia" Süfooniaorkester
Estonian National Opera Symphony Orchestra
es National Opera
Pärnu Linnaorkester
Parnu City Orchestra
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Eesti-Soome Sümfooniaorkester
Estonia-Finland Symphony Orchestra
soon be renamed "Nordic Symphony Orchestra"
Vanemuise Sümfooniaorkester
Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra
Vanemuine Theatre
XXI Sajandi Orkester
21st Century Orchestra
es, en
Haapsalu Linnaorkester
Haapsalu City Orchestra
Narva Linna Sümfooniaorkester
Narva City Symphony Orchestra

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