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Welcome to this site !!
This is undoubtedly the biggest orchestra directory in the world, you will know when you look inside.
I decided to present this directory in public.

I have hoped whoever would compose such a site, but I finally arranged this because nobody had constructed it.
This shall serve you !!

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What's New (renewal, correction)(05.5.23.)

Original Page ( in Japanese ) is Here !


Criteria of putting a link

This site is an orchestra directory to which I link the address of an orchestra which

-seems to be permanent,

-seems to play "classical music" mainly,

-seems to be professional or semi-professional,

-doesn't declare itself as "chamber orchestra", whatever the actual form is.

This site aims to be "catagolize all the professional orchestras in the world ",so I arrange this

-so that you can search your objects "lightly, quickly, and as many as possible",

-,focusing on the minimum but indispensable informations,

-,avoiding a wasteful decoration.

It appears unfriendly, but it is a result of availability, and a lack of technique with which I construct pages (^^.

I mention almost all the names of orchestras I have heard about when I cannot distinguish professional one or not, so there may be the following problems;
( I know the mistakes of the following examples.)

-My misunderstanding
ex.) - double registration of "Osaka Symphony Orchestra" and "Osaka Symphoniker"
- double registration of "Kyoto Symphony Orchestra" and "Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra"
( This orchestra is called "Kyoto Symphony Orchestra" internationally, but "Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra" domestically.)

-Mistakes of datas themselves
ex.) - "Paris Philharmonic Orchestra" or "Cleveland Symphony Orchestra"

-When an orchestra has two names
ex.) - "Het Residentie Orkest" or "Hague Philharmonic Orchestra"
- "Budapest State Opera Orchestra" or "Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra"

-Disappeard orchestras
ex.) - "NBC Symphony Orchestra" or "Paris Symphony Orchestra"

-Double registration of orchestra names before consolidation, reorganization and after
ex.) - Consolidation: "Torino Radio Symphony Orchestra" and "Italian National Symphony Orchestra", "Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra" and "Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra"
- Reorganization: "The Philharmonia" and "New PHilharmonic Orchestra", "Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra, Moscaw" and "Moscaw Radio Symphony Orchestra"

I register the addresses to the official sites. But if the orchestra doesn't have an official site, I link to the other address that contains some informations of the orchestra

Criteria of semi-official site is "the page contents aim at the presentation of the orchestra", who contains,

-the history of the orchestra

-presentation of the conductors.

I write added commentaries without any materials, almost with my poor memory ! So this site may contain a lot of incorrect informations. If you find some incorrect informations, or if you find an orchestra that is not listed here, please write to me.

2004.1.25. administrator Djmardaghos

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